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Our Mission

BEYOND the GOAL LINE is a long term, perpetual, sustainable organization.    The mission of BEYOND THE GOAL LINE is to help former Ohio State Athletes (All Sports/All Genders/All Persuasions) who have entered a time of critical need in their lives due to unforeseen detrimental circumstances.  That critical need could be medical, mental, legal, natural disaster, Addiction or even education related.  The  Board of Directors of “Beyond the Goal Line” will be tasked with sourcing corporate sponsors, creating management committees, fundraising programs, events and opportunities, from which the proceeds will be used to create  “Beyond the Goal Line” financial assets.  Those assets will be distributed fairly and philanthropically to select, approved and deserving former Ohio State Athletes with demonstrated insurmountable hardship.  That same Board will contain committees assigned to Fundraising Events, Financial, Legal, Media, Physical and Mental Health, natural disaster and Philanthropy.  These committees will be tasked with managing their areas of responsibility within Beyond the Goal Line as well as evaluating the validity and severity of hardship cases and determining what form and levels of support can be provided. 

Beyond the Goal Line will begin serving former football players in dire need, but will expand with a phase two, which will aid all sports, genders and persuasions of Ohio State Former Athletes.

Why we do it...

Thousands of former Ohio State Athletes (All Sports/All Genders/All Persuasions)  enter times of critical need in their lives due to unforeseen detrimental circumstances. This is not a new development. It has manifested for decades.  The critical needs vary between medical, mental health, legal, natural disaster, addiction, crime victim or even underprivileged educational necessities.  These detrimental scenarios require millions of dollars in support, rehabilitation and recovery services. 

As many of you know, during their playing days, these athletes are often looked up to, idolized, emulated and placed on pedestals among the general public.  Deserving or not, the fact of the matter is that these athletes are most often coddled, catered to and cared for in a way that leaves them ill prepared to deal with these circumstances after their playing days have ended.  


Our goal at BEYOND the GOAL LINE is to “Pay Forward” and help our Buckeye Brothers and Sisters overcome these overwhelming circumstances.


Your participation, sponsorship and contribution to this noble, honorable cause will deliver many benefits to you and your company, but most importantly, will deliver a humanitarian benefit to Buckeyes in need.


Elements of Our Bylaws


Philanthropy, Integrity and Honor Based


Our Brotherhood & Sisterhood for Eternity


Compliant NCAA & Big Ten Conference




Diverse and Inclusive






Character Based

Examples of Need

We respect the privacy of all individuals seeking assistance from BTGL.  The stories featured here are shared at their consent.  In hopes of ensuring others get the help they need.  This needs to be reworded...

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Our Goals

  • Annually, provide millions of dollars in aid and support to 500+ TOSU Alumni Athletes, who are in dire need, whether from Natural Disaster, Medical, Mental Health, Victim Related, or other insurmountable occurrences and scenarios.  

  • Support Underprivileged Educational Needs

  • As importantly, ensure solutions are achieved for those  500+ afflicted individuals.

  • Abide by governing and monitoring processes to ensure compliance and success of provided aid.

  • Ensure that 90% or greater of Raised/Donated Funds are provided to our Charitable Cause

  • Institutionalize processes and monitor impeccable compliance with Guidestar, the National Nonprofit Data and Research Center. 

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